MILAN  31 March 2017



Obtained the certification of conformity   EU

MILAN  01 March 2017



H.EL.P.System the project presentation

new hash-tag          #protectyourpeople








TOULOUSE 08 January 2017




The magazine of Toulouse

BOUDOU talks about OSVER




GRENOBLE   15 April 2016

HELP System

Human ELectronic Profiling System 

                    Fallait l’inventer : Stress test
Fallait l’inventer : Stress test


GENEVE    28 June 2016



Preview presentation of the prototype OSVER.

The presentation saw partakers of institutional and private French security officials.







PARIGI   7 / 9 November 2016



Official presentation of the security system by  OSVER ITALY the international exhibition of the Paris security.


TOLOUSE   23 November 2016



Toulouse University France TV

Video transmitted by TG3 regional France on OSVER  ITALY.






MILAN  10 Febbraio 2017




OSVER  Data Center


February 10, 2017 OsVer Italy inaugurates the DATA CENTER service.

A specific section which deals with the receipt, storage and management of all the data in real-time measurements. Each single equipment is able to carry out a measurement every 12 seconds in a continuous cycle. OsVer data center makes available access and personalized management for users of all measurements.


Info activation   +39 2  30 31 88 26   

Fax activation   +39 2  30 31 86 01






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